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“There’s a party going on….”

The ScottsPaul and Shelley’s two youngest children, Sydney (10) and Josey (8) came to the airport with their Mom and Dad to greet us. They soon became family. Their oldest son, Jordan, is a student at Union University in Jackson. He finished his freshman year while we were in Venezuela and flew home for the summer, joining our team on Tuesday evening in La Cruz. It was a special treat to spend time with the entire Scott family.

Josey and Sydney were with us for evenings and then joined us on Saturday morning as we traveled to Anaco and La Cruz for the second week of work. Josey was everywhere! He loved playing with the basketballs and enjoyed riding in the vans with our guys. He thought he was just as big and useful as they. And, he bonded with a lot of kids in the crowds and ran relays every day.

Sometimes when I’m sharing the gospel I use the scripture where Jesus says, “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door…I will come in…” Paul told us one morning that he asked Josey if God was knocking at the door of his heart. Josey responded, “I think he is going to.” Nothing else was said.

Party HeartIt was Monday afternoon and we had just finished two sessions that day in two different schools. Many had just prayed the prayer to receive Christ. We noticed that Paul and Shelley were sitting under a tree with Josey and they were talking and praying. I was sitting in a chair watching our athletes “hang out”, sign autographs, and talk with students. All at once two little arms circled my neck from behind the chair and this little voice said, “Miss Betty, I just got saved. I ask Jesus into my heart.” It was Josey! I pulled him into my lap and hugged him tight. He told me he asked Jesus into his heart with the large group of school kids. It was a special moment! Of course, we were all excited for our “littlest” teammate.

The next day Shelley said she asked Josey if Jesus was still in his heart. He responded, “Of course! There’s a party going on in my heart.” Can’t put it any better than that!

While in La Cruz we worked with another missionary couple, Paul and Cathy Broom, on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday before completing our ministry. Paul and Shelley got a phone call that night saying that their 10 year old son, Nathan, had prayed that day with the crowd to receive Christ. Josey had asked him prior to the session is he had Jesus in his heart. He said, “All you got to do is believe, say a prayer, and invite him in.”
Pretty simple, huh? We make it so complex.
“….and the children shall lead.”

(Posted June 2, 2006)