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Relax moms and dads. All of the students are holding up great, although the heat is taking a toll at the end of each day. Saturday night, some combination of too much sun, dehydration, unfriendly food, or whatever caught up with me and I spent the next 24+ hours uncomfortably in a hotel room. It wasn't pretty. I am better today, almost up to 60%...but that other 40% would sure come in handy right about now.

Please keep the team's health as a matter of prayer. It is difficult to describe the physical challenge to be fresh at each stop along the way...but these athletes are putting forth an exceptional effort and doing a great work.



Oh Paul I am sooo sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I will move you up to the top of the prayer list for the day! Hugs Big guy ;o)

Really sorry that you have been sick, but glad you are on the mend. It's miserable to be sick away from home :( I've missed you the last few days. I was getting worried. I have enjoyed the Journal sooo much. Thank You!! In my prayers...

Cowley's Mom


I hope you are feeling better!! I miss you guys!


hello...god Bless You...!!!Thank´s for visit us...Remmember that here in venezuela you Have many friends...Ahhh I´m sorry for my English ok...!! See You later....!!!

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