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Flexibility in the schedule

Printed schedules on mission trips just need a new name...they are really more like moving targets or outlines. Opportunities arise and you take advantage of those opportunities. Arrangements change and you simply adjust to what is coming up next. It is what makes a mission trip an adventure.

Yesterday evening was one of those "arrangement change" times. We were scheduled to go to a park located near one of the Baptist missions. Our driver (and my self-claimed, private Spanish teacher), Roberto, knowing that there were some less-than-friendly activites going on in the area, drove the route we would have taken and called to say that we shouldn't come. It happens. If you've been keeping up with any recent news about Venezuela then you understand that there is a shopping list of political, economic, and social issues that are troublesome. Last night, some of those issues got in the way. Our friends and hosts here have been exceptionally cautious to keep us safe and secure...and we are grateful to all of them.

The evening was not wasted. Dinner was a little more relaxed. The break provided a great opportunity for all of us to sit in BW's hotel room and reflect on the week, share our joys, express our concerns, pray for one another, and generally re-group for the next part of the schedule.

We travel south to Anaco today, closer to the Orinoco basin, where we will stay until Tuesday. Your prayers for safety in travel are appreciated. Anaco is about 2-3 hour's drive from here on what has been described as good roads. We expect to have lunch in Anaco, check-in to the hotel, and be ready for an afternoon event by three-something. (Now, how we're going to squeeze all of our gear plus the team into three vans may be a whole new adventure...'film at 11)



The first thing I did this morning was to pray for you as you continue on the next leg of your trip. God bless and have a wonderful day!
Love you.

We are praying for each of you each day...You all look like you've been sun-kissed by God.(smile)

It is good to know that you have people concerned about your safety. I am enjoying reading of the exciting things happening on your journey and anticipate the next entry.


Vicky Dixon

wow, look at how tan you all are! ha. seriously, though keep up the good work and finish strong!

We're praying for you all! My husband Drew and I were in Maturin with Paul and Shelly and another Tennessee team a couple summers ago so we know how much of a new and wonderful experience it is to serve and minister the people in Venezuela. May God Bless you all on your trip! Say hi to Paul and Shelly for us and also to Pachi and Hipolito if you see them!

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