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Mick PrayerHe has been with me to South Africa, Malta, and now Naples. He stands tall and gets lots of attention. He plays, dances, claps, jumps, and runs with the kids. He allows the little boy inside himself to blossom and shine. This giant of a man is adaptable, gentle, welcoming, unassuming, caring and easy. He gives and gives and gives, never showing fatigue. He is always ready to serve! He is the consummate teammate. He is Mick!

When he opens his mouth to speak--people listen! He is always right-on target. I've watched him grow in his faith and deepen his commitment to Christ. He speaks truth and leads by example. I would trust him in any circumstance to speak on my behalf. He is well on his way to becoming a Godly man. He blesses my life daily and is a "rock" to his teammates. He is Belmont's "Mr. BRUIN."

- Betty



Your loving words describing Mick mean more to me than any academic or basketball award that he has ever received! I know that God has "big" plans for my "big" son! Thank you B Dub for involving him in this wonderful ministry.

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