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It's a Marathon!

Betty WisemanIt's Tuesday and possibly our longest day. We are at our school for six one hour sessions before heading to the park at 5:00 for our last session there. We'll then go into five different homes for our evening meal with families. That should be a unique cultural experience. We anticipate a 13 hour day before walking back to the hotel around 11:00 pm.

We're in the last leg of our marathon journey. Tomorrow we'll be back in school for 3 hours before an afternoon of shopping in preparation for our departure on Thursday at 5:00 a.m. from the hotel. Thanks to Debbie we have a bus to take us to Rome to the airport. I have already given away half of my clothing and items from home, thinking I'd be retracing all those steps and trains from Naples to Rome. That's ok because I don't really need half of all I have anyway!

This has been an extra special team to be with. They have grown in their love and respect for one another. They trust one another with their thoughts and feelings. They were growing spiritually and in fellowship.

Processing times have been intense, honest, and deep. Team members are eager to take all they have learned and apply to their teams and seasons next year. It's so good to hear them talk about leading bible studies within their teams, being Christ-centered BRUINS. Their testimonies each day have been more and more relaxed and relative to the moment. They are growing individually and together in Christ.

We will come home exhausted and emptied but "filled up"!" It will take some time to debrief and adjust--to recover. We will have been embedded in a culture that has stretched our limits of adaptation. There is much to be shared but telling the story won't come easy. Just give us all some time.

**The first thing I will want to do is hit a good salad bar and drink some cold iced tea!
- Betty



I have enjoyed reading your daily updates and following this team as you all work for Christ. I was Adam's ninth grade English teacher, and have been blessed for follow him for all four years in high school including two state tournament appearances--and now I have followed him for three years in college. He has converted me to become a Bruins fan, (complete with Bruins apparel) and I have been fortunate to attend many Bruins home and even some away games to see this incredible team in action! I admire EACH of you for the amazing work you have done in Naples! I am praying for safe travels......I will have a big ole' thick ribeye ready for Adam when he returns to Clarksville--and will be eager to hear more stories.... God bless all of you!

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