Belmont University

"It Takes A Tribe"

We have been blessed with a team of volunteers who have served us and with us so beautifully. There are Journey Girls--Courtney & Grace, semester study abroad students from Quachita Baptist - Abbey & Stephanie, local translators--Ilaria, Grace, Marta, and Antonio.

Of course, Shannon and Charlie Worthy have become our extended family along with Benjamin (two), Alesia (four), Emma (seven), and Micah (nine).

Journeymen Worthys

The school Director, teachers, local merchants and friends of Charlie & Shannon have all embraced us and been a vital part of this journey & ministry. They bake us cakes & cookies, give us Gelato (ice cream), and prepare specialties of all kinds. They have been our guides and walked miles upon miles with us. Our needs have all been met .

One teacher even participated in relays and drills with her class. The teachers and entire school have all bought in to this ministry. They love the interaction and hanging out with this team. The message of Christ has inspired them. They want to know more.

Translator Translator

"It takes a tribe" to make all this happen and we will forever be thankful for our Napoli Tribe!
- Betty



There are many, many hours of work involved before a team hits the ground on these trips that goes unnoticed, but is greatly appreciated. Thanks to the entire 'tribe' for their pre-trip preparation and for their dedication to make the hours count while the team was in Italy. We love you all!!

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