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Trip of a Life Time

haley.jpgBeing in Malta has already been a trip of a life time, which has been full of autographs and smiles. All my life I have been to beaches and not a one could compare to the gorgeous beaches they have here in Malta. The water is so blue and sapphire that it looks like a backdrop of a photo or some type of painting, and the scenery surrounding the water is indescribable. The astonishing thing is that God created this setting and allowed this team to contribute ourselves in this beautiful country together spreading his word.

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Although the scenery and views have been so amazing, that still does not compare to the children’s faces that we saw this morning as we participated in another basketball event. This was an event where we were able to spread the gospel and invite children as well as parents to become our brothers and sisters in Christ by engaging them with basketball activities. This event was open to the entire Malta community. I truly enjoyed this event because many of the kids that we have been working with for the past three days at a school had shown up to be with us once again. These children and adults were so excited to be sharing this time with us and nothing is better than seeing a child that comes running to you screaming your name as if you’re a celebrity. It’s a great feeling to know that they were watching and listening to us as we shared about God and were pumped to spend more time with us.

girls picture.jpgThen today we were able to spend some time together at the beach after the morning activities and we were thinking it was a time to take a break from missionary work but we were wrong. We had only been on the beach about five minutes when we go to ask about buying some chairs when the man selling them said, “you are the group from America that plays basketball?” We said yes with questioned looks on our faces and he continues to tell us that his son has been nonstop talking about us since we left his school and this really just set the mood for the rest of the evening. Knowing that we had made enough of an impact on these children’s lives to even continue talking about us as they returned home is a miraculous thing.

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With only five days into this trip I feel that this team has already grown super close and that we have done a great job speaking to these children. Being a first time member of this mission team I have learned so much from my team members as they talk and share their testimony and they allow me to be more comfortable while I speak and let these kids know what the real reason is for us coming to this Country. This trip will; never be forgotten for many reasons and I know it is only going to get better.

Haley Nelson



This article is absolutely amazing. I had a lot of fun yesterday when you guys came to our school in Zejtun. To us your actually celebrities! But one thing I didn't get is why you came to Malta instead of any other country, I mean, sometimes Malta isn't even on maps! Anyway, I loved it yesterday playing with you guys!! :)

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