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Great is the Lord

CaseyToday has been yet another great day. We had an event where anyone in the whole community could come. It was pretty awesome; I would say easily 80 people showed up. It is so neat to see how the Lord is working his magic over here in Malta. Today there was this one family that really touched my heart; the parents were there with their two daughters. One was 13 and loved to played basketball and the other was 10 years old and was a special needs kid. The family was so precious, and I got an opportunity to speak with them some. The mom and dad and their daughters where both so loving and happy. Sometimes I feel like the people who face the hardest challenges in life seem to be the happiest. I was able to give my shirt to the two girls and I will never forget the smile on their faces. I don’t know if I made a difference or impact on them, but I know they surly impacted me.

cacy and girl.jpg special needs family.jpg

This has been an awesome trip and I feel like I am with a very special group of people. Everyone has done a great job sharing. I feel like we are a true team. We all have so much fun together in everything we do from sharing about Jesus Christ or just riding in the van going to our next destination. Malta is a beautiful place! We went to the beach today and it looked like a postcard. I feel so very blessed to be on this trip. It truly is a life changing experience. THE LORD IS SO GREAT!




It has been amazing reading about your experiences. I wanted to let you guys know that the more I read the more I want to serve and be a blessing to other people. Last time I wrote and said I would be a blessing to someone today so all day I attempted to be a blessing to others. Thanks!!

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