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Malta a Place to Be

keaton.jpgWe have been in Malta for five days now and I can honestly say that I could live here. The island is beautiful, the food is good, they speak English and most importantly the people are outgoing and very generous. There is a Maltesian man who is staying at our hotel who I have ran into at least 3 or 4 times already and every time we see each other, he comes up to me, shakes my hand and talks to me. He’s always asking me questions about America, about Belmont, about myself. He’s a very friendly person. People like him are easy to get along with and everybody I have met from Malta has been the same way.

Malta Beauty.jpg wiffle ball.jpg

Our first three days of mission work took place at a primary school where basketball is not common. In fact, basketball is not common at all in Malta (and neither is baseball). Soccer and Cricket are the main sports here. The kids were so excited that they had a chance to play American sports with real Americans. They learned both games, saw us play and even got to play against us a little bit. So after we got finished playing with them and sat them down to share our testimonies they paid very close attention to what we had to say. They saw that it was cool to be an athlete and have a special relationship with Jesus Christ and that’s the main reason we came here.

keaton 1.jpgOur team is very unique and special. We had a reflection meeting after the second day of work and I mentioned to the team how proud I was that all 10 members had already spoken in front of a group already. I also mentioned how we all have clicked as a team already. It makes our work a lot easier when all of us feel comfortable speaking in front of others and when we all get along so well. And when I say that, I am including all 13 of us (10 student-athletes, BW, Tony and Debbie).

We have touched many hearts so far and we still have four days left to talk to as many people as possible. Keep praying and believing in us and we will continue to spread the word. God Bless.




Keaton, you are such a great young man! I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for you!!! I am also thankful everyday for your friendship with Brandon.

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