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AdamAdamMy experience in Malta so far is something that I will remember forever. I lived in Europe when I was younger so going to schools and playing basketball with them brings back many memories that I had as a child. So far what I love the most is the influence that we as a team have on the kids. I can really sense that they look up to us and understand our ultimate purpose; to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, I shared my testimony for the first time in front of a group. I was nervous because I have never done anything like this but it turned out really good. After I spoke and we were shooting with the kids, a kid walks up to me and says “your speech was brilliant, I really enjoyed it.” The kid has no idea but he literally made my day.

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Malta is beautiful and I am really enjoying my time here. All of the team members have made parallels between this city and setting of a Jason Bourne film. Besides loving the scenery and all the pictures we have been taking I really love working with the kids and love their accents. To be honest I’m kind of jealous and wish I could speak like them. Overall my experience in Malta has been amazing. If the first few days are anything like the last week, this will be a life changing experience for me.

--Adam Barnes

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Adam you are an amazing young man and I love being your mom.
Dad and I are busting at the seams. I know you are a gift from GOD. You all are. Thank you all for sharing your experience. You have touched me dearly.

I am praying for you all daily. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing about your wonderful stories. Keep spreading the word.

Adam you just don't know how proud you are making us. Continue to allow God to use you!! I am so proud to say that you are my nephew. You are such an inspiration for all young people everyone.

Way to go Adam. I am very excited for you and what you are doing as a witness and example to all those you encounter. God Bless You and your team.

Adam, you are such an amazing young man! Isn't it awesome that those children are changing your life while you are changing theirs?!

Adam, I am so proud of you! Wow!!! You and your team and doing such incredible work. I shared the pictures and website with Coach Young! :-)

Adam,you are letting the good in you become the good in them. All of you are doing good for these children, show them your best.

Adam, I am so proud of you!!! Watching you and the team has touched me dearly. May God continue to bless you and keep you all.

Sir Adam, God has been with you through many things,now you get to receive what he a blessing your life can do for others as well as for yourself. The greatest gift you all are giving is yourself, your time and a testimony. Continue to grow with love.
Uncle Pat

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