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Paul's Grotto

Betty WisemanSunday was an eventful day. We attended the service at the Evangelical Baptist Church of Malta. There are three Baptist churches in all of Malta. There were approximately 75 people present, including all of us. Keaton gave a testimony that touched us all, the girls sang, Earl translated the sermon into English as we listened through earphones, and we participated in the Lord’s supper. It was a wonderful worship experience. We then proceeded to a festival between two cities where we walked around, had some local cuisine, and went back to the church for a one hour rest time before going to a gymnasium to spend time with two Maltese teams – a men’s and a women’s team. After some clinic and free play our players went into a locker room to share Christ. I wish you could have heard Haley and Tristan with the women and Adam and Brandon sharing with the men. I was present at both sessions as grown men and women gave their lives to Christ. I’m sure someone will write about the van breaking down on our way home.

betty and paul.jpg paul.jpg

Today the rain forced cancellation of our morning at a school. So, we went sightseeing and souvenir shopping. I cannot describe all we saw, but I will tell you we went to Paul’s Grotto. We stood in the underground prison where Paul was kept during his three months in Malta. I stood by the statue of Paul that stands in the small dark cell and allowed the tears to flow, realizing that some of our scripture came from his stay in this very place. We went into the church that stands over the prison, the place where Paul baptized the first converts to Christianity in Malta. It was a morning I will never forget.

pauls church.jpg We are getting an hour’s rest before a community event this evening where we will greet people at a local community center, play basketball, give an exhibition, share the gospel, and invite people into a relationship with Christ. This is the day the Lord has made and we are rejoicing and are glad in it.




Just reading everyone's e-mails and seeing the pictures touches my heart! It makes me yearn to go on a mission trip and experience this unique "bonding" and love for others. Maybe Bdub can organize a parent trip when she retires!!

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