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History and Serving

Mick.jpgDue to rain this morning, our scheduled plan to work with kids at a local school was cancelled. So today was a day of tourism. Even though we lost BW for a while, today was still another great day of the trip. We saw some of the oldest buildings in Malta, including the cave where Paul lived during his stay on the island and the nearby first church in Malta that he started. We were also able to visit numerous other local cathedrals as well as a museum and some of the local shops to buy some souvenirs (including ridiculously colored NBA hats that were at least thirty years old).

st paul grotto.jpg st paul 2.jpg

Tonight we are going to Kirkop, a part of the island that we have not yet been to, to put on a basketball clinic at a primary school for people of all ages. It is on an outdoor court, so be praying that the rain will stay away and that we can have a successful session that will entertain them and be a positive influence on their lives.

kirktop.jpg basketball play at the clinic.jpg

My Malta experience has been incredible. Our mission while we have been in Malta has been to invest in people’s lives through Jesus Christ, and that’s what it’s all about. The amazing part of these trips is how you come to serve others and help them develop their relationship with God, but while doing so you develop both your own relationship with God and your relationship with your teammates to an entirely new level. As the trip is coming to an end, please pray that in our time left in Malta God can work as powerfully as he has thus far and that we can do His will for the remainder of the trip.

God Bless.


kirktop 2.jpg