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drew.jpgAfter spending the last few days in the primary school, and yesterday afternoon on a beautiful beach, we got to sleep in a little this morning and rest up for a big day. We started by attending a Maltese church, where Keaton Belcher (aka. Bird) spoke in front of the church members and gave testimony. Following Bird’s testimony Haley, Cacy, Rachel and Tristan sang a harmonized song (that included a few synchronized hand claps) that had many people wondering if they should all enter the next American Idol competition. We then got to listen to a few of the locals share testimony, along with the pasture’s sermon, through a set of headphones that was giving us a translation in English.

festival.jpgFollowing church we made a stop by a Maltese festival. The streets were decked out with historical artifact decorations, with food tents all around. They also had a calming tune playing throughout the streets. Flurry, one of the locals that helps Earl, showed us around the festival and was a crowd favorite. He is a great guy that has been very helpful to us during our time here, and has become a good friend of ours.

team-pic-guys.jpg micks-board.jpg

The next stop of the day was at a basketball club where we got a chance to play and share with some of Malta’s top basketball players. They were a great group of people, and were very receptive during a spiritual uplifting Brandon Baker (aka Havlicek) testimony. They also were amazed by Mick Hedgepeth’s (aka McHale) jumping ability when he shattered the backboard while dunking. He also was able to receive a small piece of the glass as a souvenir that will forever bring back a joyful memory for him.

city.jpgAfter touring the city for a while (which is INCREDIBLE) we had a minor setback when our van broke down while traveling up a hill. After a kind local pulled over and offered to take us to the hotel, we made our final stop of the day to Mr. Wang’s Chinese Buffet. From the moment we set foot in the restaurant they opened their arms and made us feel at home. After introducing/pointing us out to every customer in the restaurant, Mr. Wang himself took a few pictures with us. He especially liked Bird, and they shared a very special moment together during a heart-warming talk. According to Bird, Mr. Wang earned himself a place in Bird’s wedding.

This has been a great experience and we still have a few days to go. The people here have been very receptive and have really taken all of our testimony to heart. We are the gossip around town, and I think our purpose is spreading quickly!

I want to thank each and every one of you that helped BW make this trip possible for all of us!

Drew Hanlen



Hi Betty and students, Sounds like you all have really made an impression on Malta. It has been a blessing to me to read of all of your experiences and about the people you have met. I know that this has been a life changing experience for you and that you have changed the lives of many locals by introducing them to the life changing love of Jesus Christ. Betty, our class is praying for you all and can't wait to hear all of your stories in person!
God Bless,

I'm still reading each day's comments with great joy for all you are experiencing. I pray every day will be better than the one before.

Drew, thanks for sharing all the adventures and mishaps of the Malta Team. I think everyone who is checking in daily can't wait to get home to hear what you've experienced. Thank you so much for this blog. Love in Christ, Teresa Lee

It is wonderful to hear about the great experiences you and your team are having. My oldest granddaughter is leaving for a 5 week mission trip to Melbourne, Australia in a few weeks. She will be with a Campus Crusade group. My prayer is that she will have similar experiences to those you and your team are having.

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