Belmont University

Amazing God

Whitney.jpgThe trip has flown by so fast, we only have one more day here. It has been awesome and our team has really grown together over the time we have shared together. We have shared interesting experiences together, the site seeing, the van rides, the van breaking down lol, and just sharing God's amazing love to these kids and playing basketball with them. Today we went on a boat ride in Blue Grotto, it was amazing the water is so blue here and u can see the bottom in some places. It just shows how amazing God is and his beautiful creations. It was a really neat experience and Im so glad I got to share it with some of my closest friends. I am so blessed to have gone on this trip and the previous two as well. I hope to be able to continue this mission when I return home.

blue grotto.jpg blue grotto 2.jpg

Also a special thanks to the leaders Betty, Debbie, and Tony. They are amazing people and they do a great job running the trips together and making it worth while for everyone. Malta is a beautiful country and so are the people that live here as well. I can really see God working here in Malta, through missionaries and other volunteers throughout.

whit kids.jpg whit with kids 2.jpg

Thank you for all of the support and prayers from everyone it really means a lot.