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swisher-300.jpgI've now been on three mission trips after we go to our last school tomorrow. I still can't believe my mission and school life has flown by this fast it's unbelievable. Throughout this mission trip we have been many interesting places. We went to see where Paul was held captive, the girls ventured to Valetta on the great buses of malta by ourselves, worked with many schools, and visited with many kids. Today however I visited my favorite touristy place here we were able to take a little boat out into the Mediterranean Sea and go into these so called, "Blue Caves". The reason for this name was because when you went into the caves the water was so pretty and blue it was amazing. It was definitely one of God's prettiest creations!

rachel in boat.jpg rachel grotto.jpg

On this trip I was thankful that B-Dub asked us girls to sing I haven't sang in church in a really long time in front of people and it brought back old memories as Epi, Ted, Cacy, and I stood up there and sang wonderfully. Although I am sad to be going home I feel that we have successfully fulfilled our mission that God has sent us to this little island to do.

rachel and girl.jpg

As always I want to thank all of my family, friends, boyfriend, and second families for their support and prayers. We couldn't make these trips without having you all watch over us through out these long journeys.




We are so proud of you and the group Rachel. God has some wonderful things in store for you and your life in Christ. Daddy

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