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The Greatest Moment in Malta

brian.jpgThis past week in Malta has been filled with great moments. This is the first time I have ever been outside of the continental United States so simply stepping foot on foreign soil was significant. Once we started our mission work here it has been simply amazing. Watching my teammates give their testimony to people was an awesome experience, and the first time I spoke in front of the kids was even more awesome! I knew our time here would help the children we were going to be working with, but I did not expect this trip to have such a profound impact on my own life. Spending so much time with everyone here and talking about personal relationships with Jesus has caused me to look at my own life and my own relationship with him. Since I have been here I truly feel as though I have grown in my walk with the Lord.

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Even though we have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world here, the best moment I have experienced came in a crowded locker room with only one small window. On Sunday night we were able to have a shoot around with the Maltese National team, and afterwards both men’s teams met in the locker room so we could talk to them about knowing the Lord. B-dub asked me after the shoot around to share my personal testimony with the Maltese players. I was very nervous, I had only shared my testimony once before and that was with a group of 10 year olds. This was different. Now I was being asked to talk about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ with grown men. Once I stood up I could feel all of my nerves go away and I knew God was using me as an instrument to talk to these men. That was my best moment here in Malta, knowing that the Lord and creator of the universe used me as a device to change the lives of men.

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The Belmont Mission team is one of the greatest group of young people that I have ever heard of......I am proud of everyone of you for going as a living example of Jesus Christ..

May God bless you all...

Big Earl

Big B,

No Aunt could be prouder... much love being sent your way!! Aunt M

God is wonderful and so marvellously gracious. This is seen in our missionary atheletes ability to stand without fear and testify for our Lord and their God. Keep it up we are so proud of you.

Wow! :) Your mission work is not limited to Malta - reading your post just now, was such an encouragment to me, here on Southern Soil in Georgia!
Some go, some give, some stay and some pray - thanks Belmont Mission Team for going!

We are so proud of you Brandon! It is so great that you and your team have been given this great opportunity to share your own relationships with Jesus. Keep having fun and spreading the word!
Love you,
Aunt Cyndy, Uncle Walt, Alex and Jason

I am so glad that big Earl sent me this. It reaffirms that God is at work with you, our youth. Keep up the good work and keep these learned memories in your mind forever.

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