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Day of Spirit

“Katie, Katie, Katie!”

I believe God is looking down on this team tonight as we prepare for bed and saying, “Well done. You have served me well today.” It was a day filled with experiences we won’t soon forget. And, it is just beginning.

Drew and Whitney - Small Group

Group and Map

We were welcomed to a primary school by the principal and his staff, a first time event of this kind in this particular school. Back to back PE classes came to the outdoor court for basketball and lots of fun, then sat quietly as we talked to them about our relationship with Jesus Christ and how they, too, can have that same relationship in their lives. These kids were 8, 9 and 10 years old. Keaton, Mick, Drew, Cacy, Whitney and Rachel took the lead today. I can already tell that Adam, Brandon, Tristan and Haley are busting at the seams to take their stand tomorrow and share their faith. We are scheduled in this school for two more days, eventually sharing with every child enrolled. It is interesting how kids from a school next door just seemed to “show up” to watch and interact with the Americans.

Betty and Katy

Katy - Basketball shot

Katie is eight years old and came limping onto the court leaning on her special made walker. She is a tiny little girl with spina bifida. A special education teacher is assigned to be with her each day. The other children were getting in line for relays and there sat Katie all alone. I immediately went to her, got her up, and said, “Katie, this is for you too. Let’s go play basketball.” Well, there is no way to tell you how Katie’s presence in line blessed all of us and inspired all her classmates. She did everything all the others did, except with some help from our team. Her smile said it all. We all chanted “Katie, Katie, Katie.” Her teacher said, “She has never been included in PE classes and loved as she has today. We have her on video and I want the world to see our “Katie”. I prayed with Katie and her teacher before they went back to the classroom, thanking God for this precious child and the gift of her presence with us for one hour today.

We returned to the hotel around 4:30, had a short meeting, gave the team some money and turned them loose for the night. Jet lag caught up with them around 2:00 p.m. so they will get some dinner, hang out and get ready for a good night’s rest.

Debbie and I were waiting for the elevator after our meeting when a man walked up to us and said, “You have a very special group of young people. I have been observing you all and I can tell they are here for a purpose. They are so focused and unified. I am so impressed with your team.” We proceeded to tell him who we are and why we are here. He and his daughter are here from Denmark and he is a former missionary. He wished us well and thanked us for a team so disciplined and focused. I praised God that people can see something different about us by observing us in a hotel lobby.

Debbie, Tony and I walked down to the water’s edge of St. Paul’s Bay for dinner. We looked out onto the body of water and talked about what it might have been like when Paul was shipwrecked and welcomed to this island where he stayed for three months. It was a spiritual moment for the three of us as we allowed God to reveal Himself to us at this very special place. I spotted a beautiful flat rock as the waves rolled in and out. Tony made his way down and got the souvenir for me to take home. I know it is just a rock, but it is symbolic for me now as I have experienced my first full day of ministry in Malta. Jesus is my true ROCK and maybe, just maybe, I will walk where Paul walked at some point during my time here.

Keep praying!!





Praying for you and the team Betty. What a beautiful way to begin the week with Katie. There are many more hungry waiting for you.

What a special day you have had! So excited that you get to share with everyone in the school!!

What a blessing to read your blog! You are performing Holy work for God's kingdom with every child you meet. We're praying for you continually--may He bless you beyond all understanding.

Praise HIM!!!

God Bless you team Belmont!!! Make a difference! Love the Katie story - gave me chills -Love to all

We are praying for the team and rejoice in the good relationships you are building for Jesus on Malta.

Reading about Katie was special to be as I had a cousin my age who had spina bifda and she died when she was 14. I remember that she just wanted to be treated like normal. Little Katie will always remember this day!

I am loving the daily journal. I know GOD will bless you all.

Bdub...You have already walked in the footsteps of Paul, because you both have followed the footsteps of our Saviour. God bless this team.

I am so blessed to have family that attend Belmont University and to know she has the opportunity through Belmont not only to receive a great education but to be able to spread the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in different areas of the world. You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily. Gods light shine through all of you.

Betty, praying for you and those wonderful young people each day. Give one of those sweet little children you are witnessing to each day a big hug for me. Barbara Farrow

We are very proud of Belmont for this Mission trip! I know you are making an eternal difference! Whitney we are still praying for you and your school on this trip! Madison says hello, and she can't wait to hear about Malta!

Scott Hill

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