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First Night in Malta

We arrived to Malta this afternoon safe and sound. Thank each of you for your prayers. When we arrived to the Hotel, we had a quick orientation with Earl and Colleen. As soon as the orientation was completed we all checked in and got some rest before dinner.

Earl and Colleen.jpg

Team Orientation with Earl.jpg

After a couple of hours of rest the team gathered together to do eat dinner. We found a place located not to far from the hotel off of the ocean. The team is now in their rooms resting for a good day of service tomorrow.

On the way to dinner

Dinner in Malta.jpg



Great looking group! Praying for good health, group safety, good planning from the missionaries, just the right balance of each team member's sense of fun and a serious approach to the task at hand, and awesome services/encounters! May there be receptive hearts to the gospel! Love you guys and praying for you all daily!

"Success is found in faithfulness to the gifts God has given unto you, not in numbers, but in faithfulness." In other words, the real measure of success is found in obedience to God's will in your life.
I am sure this will be a very "successful" trip for all of you and God is guiding you as you use your unique gifts in Malta.

Loved the Katie story....what a wonderful experience for all involved...I'm sure God will have special opportunities in store for you each day...have a great day....and remember you are in our prayers...

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