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Wes Comes Full Circle!

wes_fence_sm.jpgIt does my heart good to watch Wes Burtner standing before groups and leading our team. I take great pride in the fact that Wes began exactly where the athletes are on this trip. Now, he has come full circle - leading.

Wes' quiet and gentle demeanor enhances his ability to organize and lead. He is non-threatening but speaks as one with authority. Our team has followed his leadership with great respect for who he is and the One he serves. His experience in sports evangelism trips as a student-athlete has served him well. He has earned the right to lead.

I know he misses his family - Candice, Max, and Reece and soon to be born child. We have all been sensitive to this separation and done our best to encourage him. He doesn't have too much time to think about it due to our busy schedule.

Special thanks to Wes for his leadership role!

- Betty



All the reports have been inspirational...glad we could keep up with some of the good things the Lord is doing though all of you. This is another amazing, serving team.

Another Missions friend!!

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