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Thank you, Ms. Debbie

Betty WisemanHow many times a day do I hear this? Regardless of how often we say "thank you," there is no way to measure the magnitude of Debbie Chenoweth's service. More than ever before Debbie's presence with us is a gift from God.

Whatever we need--Debbie has it. If it isn't in her back pack, it is in her room. The team knows she will take care of every need. Charlie (missionary) is amazed at her skills, talents, and gifts. She has been his shadow. Her servant's heart inspires us all.

She has added responsibilities this trip--the journal/blog. Debbie daily sends entries and photos to husband Paul who records on the journal.

Debbie along with Charlie makes plans for our meals and pays the bills. She buys metro tickets, pays for hotel expenses, and keeps track of receipts. Debbie has her office with her at all times. She is the ultimate organizer, and servant.

Thank you, Debbie, for serving us and our Lord so unselfishly and generously! You are definitely our Most Valuable Teammate!

- Betty



Debbie - you will never get a higher compliment than this. We here at Belmont know this to be true, too. Love reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. Safe travels all.

I agree. Every team needs a Debbie! Thanks Debbie for all you are doing to serve the Lord!

Debbie's gifts are no surprise to me...neither are B-Dub's gifts for building teams to take care of whatever mission faces them!

Love you all!

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