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J.J. - J.J. - J.J. !!

Debbie and I are trying to describe J.J. - what we see and hear. We can't. J.J. is a magnet. The kids love him, chant his name (see picture below), hang onto every word he speaks, imitate everything he does! His smile, personality, and animation light up a room and captivate an audience. He is a child's inner self. Charlie and Shannon's children are his shadow. The little boy inside J.J. is a joy to behold as he plays with these kids.

J.J. men_play_sm.jpg

I loved watching him last year as a BRUIN, but what I'm seeing here in Naples far exceeds that 30-5 season. He at his best--in his true element--doing ministry--connecting with kids. He makes my heart smile!

- Betty



I'm not surprised, my son loves JJ too!! Definitely one of his favorite Belmont Bruins.
Glad you're having a great safe and we're praying for you all.

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