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Eye Opening Experience

TrevorThis trip has been an amazing eye opening experience. I have never experienced anything like this. The people are extremely receptive of us and are really interested in what we have to say. They love playing basketball with us and play as hard as possible because they want to beat the Americans. I think the best part about being here in Naples is that we get to play with these kids and get to see first hand the impact that we make on their lives. Its amazing to watch a kid's eyes light up, especially the ones close to our age, when we arrive to play with them.

TrevorAt the end of every day, they are always asking if we will be back the next day. By them asking that, I know for sure that we are impacting them and that they want to see and hear more from us.

- Trevor



I'm so proud of you Trevor and see the Lord at work in you with these kids. Continue growing and sharing His love because you are making a difference!! I love you and can't wait to hear about all your stories and experiences from this mission once you get back home. Oh, and eat a little extra Italian cuisine for me!!

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