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Romans 15:5 – “A Spirit of Unity”

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
- Romans 15:5

Betty WisemanI shared this verse of scripture with our team as we gathered at my house on Wednesday evening for a meal, distribution of equipment/uniforms to pack, and our final team devotional/commitment time before departure on May 17. Team members are now busy taking final exams and completing their academic work for the semester.

We can already observe how God has begun this “spirit of unity” within this team. It feels like we’ve been on a mission already since our first team meeting in early February. I reminded the team that this is “not about us” but about the One who has called us to go and serve. We must be unified in the call and the purpose for which we have been called. Everything we do and say must be with one heart and voice to the glory of God. I challenged us to set aside anything that would hinder us from being totally and completely unified in Christ Jesus.

Listening to each member of the team verbalize a prayer in a time of commitment blessed me to the core. I believe we are ready!



As my husband and I made our way through Genoa, Italy last summer, we were desperate for internet use not readily available due to time of day. A librarian, actually he reminded me of my perceived image of the Apostle Paul, became our best friend for an hour as he took time from his non-service type of position in the library to go above and beyond to help us. This man was a Sicilian--his roots went back to Malta! His face comes to mind as I begin to pray for the team this year! May God begin to pave your way with hearts for the people of Malta!

It is such a blessing to read updates on team Malta. My niece, Tristan Daniel, is a member of this year's team and I am so thankful that she is honored with this distinction--what a privilege to serve our Lord through higher education! I want you all to know that my prayers are with you and will be in the future as you journey to distant places in God's name.
Praise Him!!

Praying that God is preparing the hearts of the individuals you guys will encounter on your journey and that He is paving the way for your safe travel. In his Glory
- Ron

I will be praying for you all and reading the updates! I'm excited to see how God moves Malta!

In my devotional for this morning I read Acts 28 regarding Paul's ship wreck on Malta. The islanders built a fire and welcomed the ship wreck survivors because it was raining and cold. My prayer is the islanders will welcome you just as they did Paul and that the islanders will be blessed because of your presence. Have a wonderful trip.

Just thinking that this time next week, you will already be in Malta! I am sure there will be stories to tell and pictures to share...can't wait! I looked at last year's Cape Town video this morning and "got chills" all over again. God is so good!!!

I will keep ya'll in my prayers and follow you with the updates.

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