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On their way... (a note from Malta Missionaries)

Well friends- they are successfully off on the plane heading back your way! Thanks once again for sharing these terrific folks with us in Malta and you will NEVER know until heaven what an impact this 9 days has made in Malta! THANK YOU!!!

Robin and Earl Pinkston,
IMB missionaries in Malta



To Robin & Earl,
Thank-you for taking care of Deb and the rest of my Belmont family over the last several days. I hope that you get a chance to come up for air following a hectic week of chasing athletes around the island.
Grace & Peace,

I pray for a safe trip home and thank everyone for making this trip possible..

God has blessed us with this fine group of young people to serve in the mission field.

God Bless
Big Earl

Thank you Robin and Earl for hosting our kids and being part of this amazing life experience for them. Thank you Bdub for your leadership and Love for the Lord. You are a blessing from above. God speeed as you travel....WE MISS YOU CACY!!!

No - Thank you Robin & Earl for giving my daughter the opportunity to serve her Lord. You have been a great host and hostess and Jan and I can't thank you enough for your testimony before the team and our daughter (Rachel).

Love in Christ
Roy and Jan Swisher

Blessings. You have given all of us here many reasons to rejoice and praise because of your faithfulness. We are proud of you and look forward to seeing how God will use these past days to continue to conform you to the likeness of His Son. I join with Paul in saying "I thank my God every time I remember you . . . being confident that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Thank you for allowing us to see and hear how God has worked in and through you. Your brother in Christ, Larry

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