So much more

2010 Pine Ridge Trip
AmandaHS.jpg When I signed up for this trip, I thought it was a “cultural immersion” trip. I thought we would be seeing some new things, participating in some cool things and eventually working on our community health project…But never did I imagine I would have such an amazing spiritual experience! To get to know and understand the Lakota culture is to delve into spirituality completely. You cannot know their culture without opening your mind to a beautiful way of thinking.
Between the talks with a story-telling revered elder, Leonard Littlefinger, and talks and sacred ceremonies with the highly spiritual interpreter/medicine man, Basil Braveheart; these men, along with others in the community, have shown us nothing but open arms and kindness in their quest to educate us. But what they are doing is so much more than education…

I think as soon as our group got here, we all new this place was going to be magical. We grew as a group.