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Sports Evangelism in South Africa 2009

Betty WisemanThe annual Sports Evangelism Mission Trip is scheduled for May 17-28, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa where the team will work with Fish Hook Baptist Church and the Living Hope Center. Ten student-athletes and Tony Howell, Assistant Volleyball Coach, will accompany Betty Wiseman to do sports ministry in local townships, schools, and communities within the Cape Town area. Team members are basketball players Keaton Belcher, Drew Hanlen, Mick Hedgepeth, Andy Wicke, Cacy Burtnett, Whitney Seals, Rachel Swisher, former player Stefan Baskin, and volleyball players Carly Frazier and Jenny Gray. The team is scheduled to travel with the School of Religion Study Abroad students and faculty who will remain in South Africa for an extended stay. While there the team will work with leaders of the Living Hope Center to establish an on-going sports community outreach ministry.



I am praying for safe travel for you guys and for God to prepare the hearts and minds of all the individuals you encounter to be open to the Word and to all of your testimonies. Have a wonderful trip.

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