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I Love NY: I Know Its Unoriginal

EmilyIf a bunch of musical theater people and advertisers got together to birth a city it would be called New York City. Now, for some people this sounds awful, but as a dancer/musical theater friend, I am in love.

It is also good for me to factor in that my own analysis of a city is based on mood and community feel. I have at least seven friends who live in New York, so I automatically loved it because my support system there. Also, the fact that I see the love that people I love have for a city, is always a plus to knowing a city- through someone else’s eyes.

Now upon my arrival into the city, my main objective was to see Broadway anyway I could afford. After failing to be drawn to win a cheapened lottery ticket for “In the Heights,” Cory and I were determined. I decided I would rather pay twenty dollars for a show that I wanted to see and stand rather than pay over thirty for one I cared nothing about. Thus, we got standing tickets for seven o’clock show.

Standing in the back of the auditorium, legs cramping and stiff, I grew more and more excited as I stretched them in preparation for the show. Yet, Cory seemed a little saddened by our seats/standing spot. The top of the show’s set was cut-off from our view because of the balcony hanging over our heads. Ducking lower and lower to see as high as possible, we went to the seated section below us and closer to the stage just to know what the rest of the set looked like. There was a ton more to it, and my eyes widened as we got the full glimpse of the production theatrics. As we tromped to back up the stairs to the back, Cory and I hoped they didn’t use that section of the stage much during the performance.

Even in the back we were very close and able to see facials and the picture well. The performance was spectacular and I could go on and on about how impressive the dancing, acting, and script were. A story about a Hispanic girl from Washington Heights who goes to Stanford only to fail out because of school costs moved me emotionally. After being at Ellis Island the idea of immigrants coming to America for a new life and opportunity came to life through the stories of the characters in the musical.
Cory and I with the star of "In the Heights" Mandy Gonzalez.

At this point on day thirty-three or so, I have been wondering and struggling with the idea that we never know a city enough with our short visits. After watching this musical from a less optimum seat, I compared my limited seat at the musical to our limited time in each city. We have a small view, not as good as many others in the audience, but we still get a sense of the story- a sense enough to see more or less if we desire. In the end, after the musical, all I know, is that the trip in New York City has not been enough for me to see it all or even every musical, but it is all I need to come back for more.

Love you, Andrew and Adaeze!!!!