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Tuesday Morning School Crowd

youth_group_school.jpgWhen the team showed up this morning at a nearby school, there was already a level of excitement in the air. A small group of Christian students assembled a band at one end of the outdoor basketball court and were playing songs over the speaker system. Today would be launch day for a new organization of Christian youth at this school and the Belmont team would be part of that launch. It is difficult to describe the scene when 400-500 students are added to the mix and the sounds of basketballs and cheering children are added in. Amazingly enough, small groups were formed for relay games on three sides of the court. Just about everyone put a hand on a basketball at some point. There were plenty of smiles in spite of the rising temperature. The Belmont team gave a short skills demonstration and followed with scrimmage activity from volunteers in the crowd.

Andy Wicke - VenezuelaThe connections that the Belmont team made with these young students provided a perfect way to focus their attention when the time arrived for sharing testimonies. Andy, Josh, and Justin gave personal testimonies of what God means in their lives.

Betty followed with a time of explaining how to become a Christian. When she asked if any one would pray along with her at the end, many seated and standing before her followed as the translator shared Betty's prayer.

Betty Wiseman - Venezuela "For some groups, being literally swarmed by hundreds of young people would have seemed overwhelming. These athletes were completely up to the task. They smiled and laughed when communications were difficult. They autographed every slip of paper and t-shirt when approached. They played, really played with children of all shapes and sizes. Their smiles were as contagious. What looked like an organizer's nightmare turned into a blessing of an experience! "



Good luck to you all in Venezuela......be safe and enjoy your wonderful experiences!!!

Sounds as if God's Spirit is really working through you in such a short time.
God bless! Nell

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