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Today was Will's turn

Will PeeplesTeam members are asked to speak in front of large crowds with just a little notice each day. Betty selects one student to introduce the team, and generally a couple of others who need to be prepared to share personal testimonies. No one hesitates. No one questions. It just happens, beautifully.

Prior to today, Betty was the one who closed with a clear and simple explanation of what the Bible says about how to have a personal relationship with Christ, and offers an opportunity for students to pray with her to receive Christ. Today, Will stepped up with his teammates in the nearby group of students and provided a powerful closing to the testimony time, the first time for an athlete on this trip. The response to Will's invitation to pray with him was well received. This felt like a turning point for the team.

The receptiveness and attentiveness of Venezuealan students of all ages is more than any of us expected...and the large numbers were not something that we even considered in advance. By Thursday, we'll try to make sense of what all of this means in terms of numbers (besides those on the thermometer). For now, Will and the rest of the team are concentrating on our message and keeping up the pace.

(story added 5/27)