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Sunday's reflections

The team had quite a Sunday, probably the longest day the team has been out and about during the trip. The morning started with worship at the Baptist chuch directly across from the hotel. Matthew delivered a great sermon What follows are just snippets of what a few team member had to say over breakfast this morning:

Two solid hours of basketball in the park with men aged 18-15 was tough...but then there was another worship service and 4 or 5 prayed to receive Christ.

The 45 minute song service that preceded the sermon wasn't as long as we expected (normal is an hour+)...Matthew did great and really liked Geraldine, a girl his age who sang. I was with Brook, Will, and Matthew in the afternoon. We watched a championship game between 15-year olds and became part of the awards ceremont.

The most fun of the day came after the 2 hour basketball session. The family we visited prepared slice marinated steak and we danced.

Watching a large family pitch in to help cook...they have a real sense of community where the very youngest and the very oldest are included. It looked very natural instead of some sort of an obligation to be there. Will
Working with a translator to deliver a sermon was hard. They asked me to begin with prayer and the next thing I know, I am praying over music...Arturo, my translator, helped me out of that one. Matthew
We played 5-on-5 on a painted court that was so slippery that we could hardly run. The more we played, the more people showed up and wanted to play. Paul (the missionary) asked that they listen to what we have to say, then play. They listened attentively! We went to a mission church that is an open pavillion and a couple of short dramas were well done. Destri
I liked the plays as well...the one where the actors played "I'm too cool", I'm too old, I'm to busy...to be a Christian was my favorite. Signing with music was big also...along with some creative clapping to the music. Laura
Making cross necklaces with the 5-9 year olds...and then to see them tell someone else what the different colors mean. We taught them the round "Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah" in English and then translated it into Spanish for them to sing as well. Shandra


It's so wonderful to hear you are safe and busy spreading the Word. Prayers and love to all.
Love ya Bug!

Hi, Paul and Betty and the whole gang!

I've enjoyed reading of your journey and continue to pray for your ministry. May you be blessed with strength -- physically, emotionally and spiritually -- as you serve.

Kelly M-J

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