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On the radio in Venezuela

On two different occasions, Betty was invited to be interviewed by local radio stations. The audio file on this post is a recording of the first interview, captured just before a day of ministry in Maturin. The interviewer struggled a little to ask his questions in English and explained that he would have to translate both his questions and Betty's responses for air play purposes.

betty_interview.jpgListen to Betty Wiseman's Radio Interview (MP3 - 14 Minutes))

The second interview, pictured on the left, happened at courtside during our last day of ministry in Porta La Cruz... a session that we weren't even sure would happen since most of the students left the campus after a day of testing. The young man in the red shirt is Samuel, one of the translators who worked closely with the entire team. The gentleman picturedon the far right with Betty and Samuel broadcasted Betty's message live via a remote telephone hook-up.

(Story uploaded June 2, 2006)