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Last Mission Trip Before Graduating

JennyWow, so many thoughts are running through my head! I have been on three mission trips now, and from past experiences, I already know that this one will be even more different than the other ones. I have mixed feelings about this trip. I am both excited and sad. This will be my last mission trip with Belmont. However, I am very ready and willing to give myself away for Christ while I am on this trip. Like Brittany said, I am very excited about the team we are going with this year. Every person in this group has something different to offer and I am pumped to see what that is. I know that God is smiling down on us right now because he too is so excited to see what an impact we can make while we are over there! Every mission trip I have ever been on, I have come back learning something new about myself even though that is not my intentions. I am excited to see what God has in store for me this year. The time is approaching quickly... Woo Hoo!