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Keaton - Day one was awesome!

What a way to start off my first mission trip ever! When we arrived to Maturin, Venezuela, it looked as if though it was in pretty good condition. But then we took some backroads to what I call "God's Country." Full of one room huts lived in by families of 6. They were surrounded by lots of weeds and dirt. However, the people are very friendly here and I respect that a lot. They don't have as much as we do back home, but that doesn't stop them from being courteous to foreigners.

keaton_belcher_school.jpgThis morning started at 7:30 am with breakfast and orientation at Paul and Shelly Scott's house. The food was great and instruction we got was very helpful. Don't drink tap water and don't teach the kids "dirty" words in English were a couple of the rules. After that we headed to a local high school to hoop with some kids and teach them the word of God. It was a blast. All of the kids speak Spanish here so we have translators to help us. The helpers are Paul and Shelly, Shandra (she came with us from Tennessee), Samuel , and Arturo. Those guys are our age and really helpful. I have gained friendships from both of them already.

We taught the kids drills, how to shoot a layup and even played some pickup games with them. You could tell, this made their whole week great. After the basketball part, BW gathered everyone around for prayer and teaching time. Josh and Justin also spoke to the crowd. It was very heartening to know that they want to learn about Christ.

After about 3 hours of making new friends, exchanging hugs, gifts and phone numbers. ha ha, we ate lunch served by the school. In which I might add was very tasty. Also, we as a team must of signed over 5,000 autographs today. A truly remarkable first day(and it's only 1:00).

We continue tonight at another school. Please pray for us!!! ,


So very thankful you had a safe trip! We enjoy the daily journals, especially the pictures of athletes with the kids. Everyone looks so happy! You are all in our prayers. The Conkle's

PC- thanks for the undate. Please know we are praying for all of you as you serve as the smile and hands of Jesus to these children. May God keep you safe.
Wayne Causey
Forest Hills Baptist Church

Reading your stories and seeing the pictures make me want to be there. I am praying for you all. Take care of BW.

sounds like you are having A great time. Keep up the good work. we are praying for you and know that God is blessing each of you.

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