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Excited, Nervous, & Hungry

BrittanyAlright, this is only my second mission trip ever..and i am so excited. i traveled to Croatia last summer and it was a blast. This trip is going to be a bit different i anticipate. The excitement is leaning a bit towards not knowing what to expect when i get there and just wanting to help out as much as i can. The Lord has given me so much and everyone here on this team, and this is something that we can do to help out people who dont necessarily know the love of God and the wonders it can do. Like i said i am so pumped about this trip...its approaching so fast! The group we are going with couldn't be more ideal...they are so fun and encouraging...what more could you ask for! i pray that we can touch the hearts of many over in Venezuela and tell them about the ways that God has worked in our lives. I want to let them know that they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ...it is there waiting for them and i want to help them gain it! I am excited, nervous (goood nervous!), and hungry for this trip to come....so lets go! :)


Hey Britt! Hope you are having a great time and that you all had a great trip there. Take a bunch of pictures for me and be careful. Hope you all have a great trip and grow in your faith. You are a wonderful young lady and like I told Brooke, use this time not only for others, but also for YOU. Love you Britt and call when when you are back on US ground! Love you

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