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Bathed in prayer

Betty WisemanI am absoulutely confident that this team and our ministry is being "bathed in prayer" by familiy, friends, churches, and people we don't even know! There is no way we could minister in this heat to the overwhelming numbers of children without God's care, protection, and divine guidance. I have felt God's presence and peace as we have shared the gospel with thousands already. It is God ordained and directed.

Parents, you would be so proud of your sons and daughters. Belmont, you will never know the kind of spiritual impact your athletes are making. They are bold and fearless and they are not shy when it comes to sharing their faith. They touch my heart deeply as they profess Christ and His love for the people. Can you imagine 600-800 kids of all ages on a concrete slab in 115 degree heat orgnized for play and fun...and then total quiteness as they listen to the gospel. It is like a great "hush" comes over us as tey listen and so many pray to receive Christ! I am in total awe of how God is working and I know your prayers are bathing us in the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for serving us so beautifully. Keep it up!,


I rush to check my e-mail to hear what you are all doing each day. Paul you are doing such an awesome job of keeping us all updated. You are in my prayers.
p.s. Muah Baby Bear

What a GREAT job you all are doing using your gifts and abilities to bring the message to the beautiful people of Venezuela! God is being glorified in an awesome way. How wonderful!! You are all in our prayers every day. Keep the blog coming. It's worth the work and time!!

Enjoying the wonderful reports, amazed you can still function in that heat. I pray you'll be cooled by the presence of Christ everyday.

Paul - Steve and I send our regards to you as you struggle with the "revenge". Hope you are feeling better and soon be 100%. This journal has been great. It keeps us caught up and the pictures are so good. The group is on my daily prayer list as I follow you along the way. Safe travels home. When is that exactly? Sharon Hiett and Steve Lasley

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