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Sunday Update

TimHello Friends! Greetings from the end of our first full day in South Africa. My name is Tim Wildsmith. I graduated from Belmont in 2005 and am currently living in Omaha, Nebraska.
This morning, my teammate Noah and I awoke to a breathtaking view outside our window. It was dark when we got in last night, so we headed outside to take it all in. We have mountains to our east, and the Atlantic Ocean to our west. I have honestly never been to a more beautiful place. The place we're staying at is called The Team House. Here's a link (don't get jealous):

After a wonderful breakfast we headed to King of Kings Baptist Church. We were greeted warmly; and experienced a service with heartfelt worship, great teaching, and a real sense of community.

SunsetWe then headed to the township of Masiphumelele for another service. This was our first chance to see how the poor live in South Africa (later we drove through Ocean View, the township we will be working in this week). It was like we had crossed into a third world country, only blocks away from the suburban wealth and comfort. The church service there was incredible. Several woman led out in song from the congregation (the woman next to me actually startled me because she sang so loudly), and beautiful children ran around all over the place. I didn't understand a word we sang, but I felt a sheer sense of joy.

We spent the afternoon at one of Living Hope's properties having a Braii (South African barbecue) with all of the other teams working in Cape Town this week. We met new friends from the U.S., as well as a team from England, and more from here in Cape Town. Cheryl and I were asked to lead worship for the entire group. I'll tell you what... that was awesome! It was one of several moments today that I had a hard time keeping my emotions in check. I just keep thinking, “How did I get here!?”
At the Braii we got a lot more info on what we'll be doing this week at the holiday camp. It's gonna be an intense week of hanging out with children. I'm all kinds of nervous and excited. My hope is that I'll be able to give myself wholly to this place while I'm here. I didn't travel halfway across the world to be selfish, you know? I want to love these kids with everything I've got.
We got back to the house about 20 minutes before sunset. The five of us headed down to the beach to take it in. I could write a thousand words and show you even more pictures, but none of that would really do it justice. We stood on the rocks with the sun setting and the waves crashing up toward us, and my heart was full.

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  1. Hi! Sounds like a wonderful experiience that all of you are enduring. God Bless all of you!
    Lindsay’s aunt,
    Mary Ann

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