June 18, 2005

A message from Carrie Newton - Team Ukraine

Friday in Leschin
Wow spend some time with Betty Wiseman and her Belmont team and they will rub off on you! Be Bold for God! Today I helped deliver food bags with 2 members from my team along with a translator and two church members from the church in Leschin. I have never been so humbled in all my life. We delivered a food bag to one man who was out of work and at home taking care of his two small children. He was so grateful that he insisted that we take a sack of fish with us. He had just caught them so they were not even cleaned they were whole fish! So we come to bring food both spiritual and physical to the needy and walk away with a plastic bag with 4 or 5 freshly caught fish in it. These people are amazing!


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A note from Pastor Don - Team Ukraine

don.jpgOne of our prayers is that "Lord, let us see you at work in the world and join in that work." well T.E.A.M. Ukraine has seen that prayer answered in the ministry they have in Ukraine. The Tullahoma team has worked in the small towns and villages in the Zhitomir area. They have seen God's work in the spiritual hunger of the people and the wonderful response of so many to the Gospel. They have also seen God use them in sharing the gospel. Team members gave testimonies, taught in songs and the skit of Noah about God's promises, did crafts with children and presented God's truth in lessons and through sermons. Their own faith has been strengthened by fellowship with believers in Ukraine. Indeed, for many, both Ukrainian and team members, it has been a life-changing experience. Team members are Ken and Diane Tatum, Carrie Newton, Spenser Newton, Ben Ferrell, John and Tommie Solieou, Pastor Don Dixon and a minstry of eye care through used glasses has been done by Dr. Spencer Meckstroth of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Don Dixon

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June 15, 2005

Tullahoma Team Ukraine Update

don.jpgWell we have been a busy bunch. We have been traveling or maybe I should say bumping up and down the roads of Ukraine allowing God to place in the places that he brought us half way around the world to be. In the very first church in Leschin on Sunday a young boy named Sasha came to know the Lord after Bro.Don concluded his sermon. On Monday we began our eyeglass ministry as well as our bible school ministry which both have been received well. There has also been food bags that have been delivered each day. As a team we are doing our best to not only give the people in the small villages that we are visiting physical nourishment but also spiritual nourishment. However, truth be told it is us that is receiving the bountiful meal. God is blessing us daily.

Don is going to give me something tomorrow to send to you to put in,

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June 09, 2005

Tullahoma 'Team Ukraine'

Team Ukraine

Eight of the nine members of Team Ukraine have joined us on our journey. The ninth will soon join us here in Detroit.

Meet the team:Tommie, Diane, Carrie, Spenser, Ben, Ken, Don, and John.

Vicky will be pleased to know that Don is behaving himself...it may be a full time job for the rest of the team *grin*.

Please continue to pray for the team. Let your family and friends know that we will try to keep you posted on their activities here on this site.

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