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August 20, 2005

Ukraine 2005 video clip

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So much video tape and so many memories are difficult to combine into anything that can possibly sum up this year's Ukraine experience with any accuracy. The clip on this post features several of the athletes reporting their experiences while we were still in Ukraine. There are orphans, street kids, a World War II concentration camp survivor, members of the Tullahoma Team, lots of play footage and some time of sharing and responding to the Good News that we went to share. What you don't see is how the members of this team changed, there was so much growth in a very compressed time. You don't see how the people with whom we came in contact changed...but we are confident that there are changes going on from the seeds that were planted. There will be more videos forthcoming. This sample is one that we will share with the Belmont Trustees later today and in the coming weeks with a number of churches who have asked us to speak.

Fund raising for next year's trip to Venezuela will be more focused in the coming months. I hope that you will consider adding your support to this program. All donations to the Sports Evangelism Program are tax deductible and documented receipts are provided to all donors. Your ongoing support via prayers, encouraging words, and yes, your wallet, are much appreciated. A convenient and secure donation form is available here: Betty Wiseman Missions Fund - Online Donation Form

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