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June 15, 2005

A note from John

JohnYesterday was a very special day for the entire group, but for me especially. That shouldn't be a surprise considering that it was my 21st birthday - but I'm sure that not many people were able to spend their 21st quite the same way that I did. And it had very little to do with the fact that the rest of the group spoiled me with surprise after surprise - from 3 versions of "Happy Birthday" to a Ukrainian birthday cake (which desperately needed help from an American recipe) to their hoisting me in the air 21 times as if I were a king. Already exhausted from the previous couple of days, everyone's emotions were tested after spending all morning with the kids from the street and all then afternoon back at the playground. When we had to go, we all found it much harder to say goodbye than we could have ever imagined. But through Christ, we were able to make a very special bond with the kids that will hopefully live on as we return home. This team is an amazing group of people, a group that made my birthday one that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone for your support in keeping up with us.

Posted by Paul Chenoweth at June 15, 2005 07:26 PM


hey john, happy birthday!

Posted by: will and robert at June 17, 2005 01:40 AM

What you all are experiencing is incredible! Through this wonderful journal I feel I am right there with you. I can see you growing spiritually through this adventure and I am proud of each and every one of you. God be with you every step of the way. Happy Belated Birthday John!!

Posted by: Anne at June 17, 2005 03:00 PM