From Here to Anywhere

It’s getting to be that time again… decision time. My May graduation is coming a little faster than I had hoped. Four years ago when I was a senior in high school, the decision to come to Belmont was not a hard one to make. However, thanks in part to Belmont, actually, I feel like my options are, well, limitless. It’s a wonderful problem to have, but right now I’m facing an uncertain horizon.
I’ve considered taking a year off to work and write (an English major’s dream). I’ve also tossed around the idea of grad school, getting a “big girl job”, and running away and opening up a vegetarian restaurant in a small town in Hawaii. Well, I was joking about the last one, but now that I see it in writing… it doesn’t look half bad.
Anyway, Belmont has a slogan that says “From Here to Anywhere!” I used to laugh at thinking that it was impossible to go anywhere but I’m finding that the cliche slogan is more true than I had realized!
Here’s to finding the path God has laid out before me! I’ll let you know when my head stops spinning and I figure something out! Here I go!