Christmas is Coming!

So, Christmas is almost here. Its after Thanksgiving. The turkey has all been eaten. The dressing is gone. This is always the best and worst part of the semester for me, I think. I feel like I click with people so well during the final few weeks of school, and I feel that with my housemates. One of them is graduating in 2 weeks, and I appreciate his presence all the more now. For the rest of us, I think we’re just getting used to living together and that’s really cool. The other night we threw on a Christmas album from my friends, Mosaic (Check them out at, and cut out paper snowflakes for a bake sale Brandon was doing. Then, Friday night we had a good time playing games like Sequence, and Spades, and Boggle, and Scrabble. It was a good time all around, and it’s funny that even with all I have to do for school, I still need that time to just breath and be with people I love.
I can feel myself getting all sappy. It’s almost the end of my final fall semester of undergrad, and, while I’m somewhat anxious to get out of here, I can’t pretend that I won’t miss anyone or anything, or that I won’t miss Brandon when he graduates, or that I won’t miss sharing a room with Elli, or hearing Austin’s corny jokes, or teaching Aaron how to knit, or laughing at how Justin’s always losing his keys. This semester has been so up and down in so many ways, but there’s always been a strand of goodness running through it, and I’m just trying to be thankful for where things are now.

The Ups and Downs

So, these past few weeks of school have been amazingly crazy with very little room to breath. In the past few weeks alone I:
Started dating an awesome guy
Turned 21
Bombed an Art Exam I had no idea about
Recorded a song for a friend’s AET project (Up on my Myspace. It’s called Soft & Sweet)
Got published in the Belmont Literary Journal and read one of my short stories
Got confirmed in the Catholic Church
So, as I’m sure can be imagined, these past weeks have been crazy. With all the great stuff that’s been happening, I also have to write an essay to make up for the test I bombed, write a 8 to 10 page paper about Devotional Poetry, and get my volunteering at the local library for next year all set up. So, that’s my life right now and I’m just trying to keep my head above water and go with the flow, but I’m definitely enjoying life right now.

Almost There

School is almost done but baseball is hopefully far from over. We still play a few weeks after school is out. Pretty awesome. As I sit here and write this blog, I have 2 more finals to go. I should be studying but it is good to get away from the books and take a break every once in a while. It is that time of year where everyone around Belmont is packing, studying, and getting ready for summer. I am extremely excited. It’s going to be a great summer.

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On the Road Again!

It’s finally here! At 4 PM today I will have officially completed my freshman year of college. I can’t believe it!! Finals week actually hasn’t been that stressful for me. Thankfully, my exams were spaced out so I was able to focus on one at a time. On Wednesday, Dead Day, my friends and I went to the Dead Day Carnival and it was so much fun! We had a picnic outside since the weather was so nice. After spending some time at the carnival, I decided that it was time to start packing. A few hours later, I had (almost) everything packed into boxes and my friends helped me load them into my car. It’s so sad to think about leaving – I’ve had a wonderful semester and I’m really going to miss the people I’ve met here.

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Presentations and Papers!
So, it seems my life is increasingly insane, but I’m not overwhelmed yet. I’ve got a presentation due next week, and while it only has to be 5 to 7 minutes long, I’m also preparing for another presentation the week after, and that really needs to be done by Monday. In the midst of all that, I’ve got two quizzes I need to study for and a quiz in my Psychology Lab. I also have to read for my Creative Writing class on next Thursday, so I can’t say I’m slowing down much.

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CMT Awards!

One thing I love about Belmont, besides the wonderful cafeteria food, is the fact that you see random celebrities around campus at any given moment. This past week, anywhere you looked, there was a big name in country music. Why? Well…the CMT Awards of course!

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Approaching the Finish Line.

Right now, I am enduring one of the most hectic weeks of the entire semester. The school work, the tests and the group papers are somewhat overwhelming; however, I am so thankful that the Lord enables me to climb over that mountain in order to reach the highest elevation! (Pictured to the right is a picture of my friend, Molly, and I outside the Curb Cafe — one of the coolest dining places on campus!)

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Finishing Strong

As I write this I am sitting outside in the courtyard, enjoying the 70-degree weather that we’ve had recently in Nashville. The tulips are blooming and the sun is shining – it’s a beautiful day. I can’t believe that in just two short weeks my mom will be here and we will be preparing to load up my little red Mercury Sable to make the nine-hour drive back to Kansas City! I still remember move-in day like it was yesterday; I remember meeting my roommates for the first time, spending hours unpacking and organizing, and just wondering what my first year of college had in store for me. The past two semesters have been wonderful, and I really can’t wait to come back this fall.

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Winter Wonderland

Greetings from Kansas City!! I have been here for two days now and I’m absolutely loving it. I was a little nervous about being able to fly here after the ice storm, but I made it with no problems or delays at all! My dad was in Baltimore on a business trip when the ice storm hit and so, unfortunately, his flight home on Tuesday night was cancelled. Luckily, he was able to get a flight to Nashville instead and so he took me out to dinner! He spent the night in a hotel and then, on Wednesday, we were both on the same flight to Kansas City! My mom was a little disappointed that she couldn’t pick me up from the airport herself (since my dad’s car was already parked there), but she was waiting eagerly at the door when I got home.

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