Rush Week

Last week I participated in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia’s rush week. Phi Mu Alpha is a national fraternity with its objective being to advancing music in America. Now, these rush events are a completely different experience now that I am a collegiate member than they seemed when I was thinking about joining. There was a great deal of planning involved in preparing the events and deciding who to take as a little brother. Each day of the past week was a different rush event, all of which turned out to be successful.
On Monday we served French Toast to students as they walked to class. This event is always popular because it is free for the students. It was nice being able to meet some of the prospective brothers.
Tuesday we played dodge ball in the gym which was a lot of fun. Many people came for this event so we had fairly large teams. Regardless, it was a lot of fun pegging my friends with the ball.Phi Mu Alpha Group Shot.jpg
As the week continued to progress we had other exciting events such as capture the flag and a cookout. Friday morning was the most important day to me because the brothers had to give a recital outside so that students walking to class could hear us. Because I am the music director for the fraternity, I was privileged to direct the choir and run rehearsals. This was a great experience for me because this will benefit me as a music educator in the future.
All of these events led to Sunday night, that actual pinning ceremony. Now i cannot give you all the details, but this is the night that we select who will join the fraternity and we officially pin our little brothers. Each current member is assigned a little because we are to act as their mentors until they become full members. Last week was crazy but I enjoyed every moment of it.