Band Camp

It is finally the 1st of August! Its kind of weird to say this, but I can’t wait for classes to start. I am ready for these summer classes to end and for my normal, busy schedule to begin. My Medieval class ended last Tuesday which I was excited about. The class was interesting but having a four hour history class once a week got annoying. My third year writing class is ending this coming Thursday after I complete my ten page research paper on film music. Then my junior cornerstone will be complete the following Tuesday.
This summer overall, has been very productive. It was nice having a job, getting 9 credits out of the way, and253.jpg
improving on my playing skills. Lucky, Dr. Kraus asked me a few weeks ago whether I would help out with Belmont’s first youth symphony by filling in on bass clarinet. This defenitely helped me improve my skills on the instrument and I also got to met some talented students. Working at camps like this simply confirm my chose of being a music education major.
So I guess I am going to be a junior soon. Well technically, I am a junior right now and am half way done with my undergradute degree. So plans for the future? I know for sure I want to go to graduate school as soon as I graduate from Belmont. I also know that I want to pursue an orchestral conducting masters, which they unfortunately do not offer here at Belmont. I have also been toying with the idea of getting a masters in classical voice as well because I have always wanted to refine my singing and maybe even become of professional singer some day. For now though, I still have time to think about my next stage in life…