Imogen Heap

Last Saturday I went to see Imogen Heap at the Ryman, here in Nashville TN. Now, I only knew one song from her29733_1336364975477_1421670546_31026129_117122_n.jpg
album but after that concert I was one of her biggest fans.
I recieved free tickets from one of my friends, Matt, to see her in concert. He actually got to perform a piece with her on stage. He is in a group called “We Are Nashville” and they performed an acappella version of her song Earth. The group had won a contest on youtube in which hundreds of people submitted their best acappella arrangement and recording of the piece. The group chosen by Imogen got to perform with her on stage. Matt’s group actually won the contest.
Part of the prize for winning was that they got to open for Imogen Heap. This was a great opportunity for the group to get there name out there. I know that the audience loved the group and i expect to hear of more opportunities for them to perform.