At Last, Summer!

It is finally summer! Everything is starting to settle into place. I will be staying on campus this summer so that I canHillside Living Room.jpg take classes. I am going to be taking Medivial History, Third-Year Writing, and my Junior Cornerstone: Intro to the New Testament. Overall summer is looking great. I recently moved from my dorm room in Kennedy to a really nice apartment in Hillside. I also get the apartment to myself this summer, which I have loved so far.
I am really happy that Belmont remains active during the summer. The music buildings are open so I can continue to use the practice rooms. Also many of my friends stayed for the summer so I actually have people to hang out with.
I have been searching for a job for quite a while and I finally got one yesterday. I will be working at Belmont in the Office of Development over the summer and hopefully in the fall as a student worker. There is a lot to do with this job and at times it is going to be challenging. I look forward to good challenge this summer.
Summer will be excellent. I have already created goals for myself this summer to prepare for the fall. For instance, IMy Hillside Kitchen.jpg
plan on working out a lot and I am continuing to practice saxophone and clarinet this summer. I would really like to make the orchestra on clarinet this fall and be in the classical performers recital in the spring on sax.
Well I must be going for now, but I will keep you all updated on my activities during the summer.

Nashville Flood Perspective

I’m sure you’ve read/heard about the recent devastating news that Nashville has recently been hit by a storm that has left our great city under water.

Although we at Belmont suffered comparatively little damage, it was still an ordeal, and seeing out beloved city and its great historical monuments like this leave us all heartbroken.
Yet, although we have been shaken, we will not fall. Nashville is the heart of the nonprofit industry and I think it says a lot about the people in the area and the hearts we have for community and supporting those in need. As Nashville has stood ready to help those in need from here to everywhere, today it’s us who need help.
During the flood, several Tennesseans lost their lives in an effort to save others and I cannot begin to recount story after story of friends and family reaching out to help, and even literally save the lives of, their neighbors.
I am so encouraged to see this beautiful and already strong community coming together to conserve water, help victims, rebuild, and strengthen our beautiful city so quickly.
To help, please donate to the Red Cross.
If you live in Nashville please consider donating to or Second Harvest Food Bank.

What I’ve Learned So Far

This week I registered for classes for my SENIOR year of COLLEGE. I can’t believe that this time next year I will be graduating. It’s crazy!! Seems like just yesterday I was pulling up to Wright Hall and unloading my Mercury Sable…oh, how time flies.
When I reflect on what I’ve learned over the course of my last three years at Belmont, I don’t think about anything subject-related. (For example, “accumulated depreciation,” certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.) What I do think about are the friends I’ve made and the many memories we’ve shared. I also recall the numerous experiences in which I was forced to “put on my big girl panties” and grow up. (There have been quite a few of those — the most challenging one being when I spent 24 hours in the JFK airport after having spent a semester in Spain!)
Yesterday, my friend Kelly and I were recalling how we first met. We had both signed up for the same group project in Abnormal Psychology, so we spent quite a few hours preparing PowerPoint slides and practicing our presentation together. I remember her inviting me to have breakfast at her house one Saturday, but I couldn’t because I was working on the Virtual Campus Tour. I was so disappointed to have to turn down the invitation, and I hoped she would want to hang out again! After that, we started taking walks together and ended up keeping in touch all summer, despite the fact that we were 500+ miles apart. When she came to visit me (and her grandparents, who conveniently live five miles away from my house in KC) in early-August, we spent the week singing to Rascal Flatts, sun-tanning, cooking, hanging out with my family, and — always — laughing. It was truly one of the best weeks of my life. kelly.jpg
I ended up getting a C in Abnormal Psychology, which means I’l have to take it again next Spring in order to apply for Occupational Therapy school (I need all As and Bs in my prerequisite classes for OT). However, like I told Kelly yesterday, the first time I took Abnormal Psychology, I wasn’t destined to make an A or a B; I was destined to meet her. 🙂
I want to leave you with an excerpt from the very first blog entry I wrote. These words are still as true as they were three years ago…
“Let me preface this entry by saying that these past three weeks at Belmont have been absolutely life-changing for me. There is no way I could possibly express how welcomed I have felt since my first day here or how much I love everything about this place. One consistent characteristic of Belmont, and perhaps what I love most about it, is the genuine hospitality of everyone here. People make eye contact with each other. Strangers greet each other with a ‘Hey! How are you?’ There is just such a sense of community and optimism here and I love being a part of it.”