The Front Porch and Gallery F

Last Friday my best friend and I were hanging out together and decided to walk over to the Front Porch at the Scarritt Bennett Center, which is a local Nashville retreat site/cultural, intellectual, and spiritual learning space. It’s really neat. Anyways, it wasn’t open when we got there, but they have these awesome brightly painted rocking chairs just chilling outside, so we hung out until it was open. Once it opened up we found out there was a really neat exhibit called “Native” going on that explored Native American history and culture in Tennessee. We walked around for a bit, and I really enjoyed it. We hung out a bit in the kitchen, too, and it was really neat. It’s really informal and everyone who works there is an artist and gets a studio to work in across the street from the gallery and cafe. I really enjoyed stumbling across such a progressive little space in the middle of Nashville.