Yesterday, my friend Ateia and I drove to Memphis for the day. Although I was born in Memphis, we moved when I was a month old and I hadn’t been back since.beale street.jpgThe combination of good music, beautiful weather, delicious food, and great conversations made for a perfect day! We started out by visiting Germantown (Ateia and I tend to be drawn to malls), then visited Baptist Memorial Hospital(where I was born!), then ate a yummy lunch at Neely’s BBQ, and headed downtown for the rest of the evening. Downtown Memphis reminded me of a cross between Nashville and Kansas City. So I felt right at home! 🙂 Ateia and I estimated that we each spent about $40 on gas and food, which is very reasonable for a day-trip! Next semester we’re planning to go to Atlanta and Chattanooga.
Not having classes yesterday or today has been VERY nice. Not only has it given me the opportunity to catch up on homework (an opportunity that I have yet to take advantage of…), but it has also allowed me to reflect on the final days of Lent. I’m spending the rest of the weekend at a friend’s house, and celebrating Easter with them.alexandateia.jpg
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so I’m going to try to spend as much time outside as possible! I’m loving being able to roll the windows down in my car and let the warm wind comb my hair as I sing along to Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts. Allergies are a small price to pay for the splendid springtime beauty. 🙂