Hometown Adventures

With the sun finally coming out and the cold (hopefully) leaving us, we’re all getting pretty excited about the nice weather! In fact, with the weather cheering up, I decided that it was time for some exploring around Nashville! I’ve lived here for four years and I still feel like there’s always something new and exciting about this city!
First stop: my favorite local Mexican food fix, Baja Burrito! I’ve been here so many times (this is the first place I saw Jon Foreman *sigh*), but it never gets old. Burritos on the patio is the way to go on a sunny Nashville day!
Next: We visited downtown! Broadway is always busy and everyone seemed to have the same idea we did, but it didn’t make it any less fun! Between the guitar shops and the candy shops, not to mention the riverfront, it was definitely a worth while visit!
Next: Sometimes the local art museum, the Frist, has free event days… and of course we attended! It was great and we saw a lot of Ancient Greek artifacts, European paintings from the Romantic period, and even some very modern light sculptures. This was great!
Last: After a long day site seeing and soaking up the rays, we decided to end the day with some tasty s’mores. 🙂