An Excellent Week

This past week has been amazing. Most likely the best week I have this semester. I was elected president of Belmont’s MENC which is the National Association for Music Educators. I really look forward to leading the music education program. One of the biggest difficulties we have had in the past is relating the instrumental and vocal sides of music education in our program because it is hard to do workshops and lectures that apply to both. Being a instrumental and vocal music ed. person, I really want to combine these two together and bring in speakers that all of the students at Belmont can relate to.
I had to teach a 6th grade general music class on tuesday morning. I had to do two 30 minute lessons in front of real 6th graders, which I was a bit nervous about. But I really enjoyed it and it proved that this is the right major for me. I ended up teaching the blues scale and had the students improvise over the blues scale on the Orff instruments. They really enjoyed this lesson, and I had a blast teaching it.
Then on Friday I had to give a speech in my Fundamentals of Communication class. My speech was on gang14111_1282522105579_1305870691_30989185_1214221_n.jpg
violence in Nashville. My speech went really well, I ended up getting a 100% on it. The only mistake I made on my speech the last phrase where I was trying to say “It is up to us to stop gang violence” but I actually said “It is us to up to stop gang violence”. I said this about four times until I gave up I completely changed my phrase.
To end the week, the weather was perfect. I went to the park on Saturday with a group of friends to hike and to fly a kite. This was just a great week. It amazes me to see how my life unfolds and the opportunities that arise throughout my time here at Belmont.

Georgia Bound!

This weekend I travelled with my best friend, her parents, and her boyfriend down to good old Atlanta for the weekend and her first Marathon on March 21st. The ride was completely gorgeous on the way down and we stayed in the beautiful Omni hotel. For the most part, we hung out around the hotel, but while my friends were in the pool for a bit I hiked around downtown Atlanta and visited the Underground, which was neat, but small, and honestly, I’m just not a mall kind of girl.
Finally, Sunday arrived and my friend started out the ING Georgia 2010 Marathon right in front of our hotel to cheers from hundreds of people. It was my first time seeing a marathon and it was really awesome to experience. We drove around almost the whole time trying to meet up with my friend, but we were off on her pace and so we kept missing her. Thankfully, we missed her by being too far ahead of her, so we were able to see her run through the finish line. I was so proud, and her boyfriend found her at the 23 mile mark to help her run the last three miles. Overall it was a pretty fun weekend. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to visit my future school, Candler School of Theology at Emory University, but I’m sure I’ll go visit again.

Staying Strong

Spring Break was absolutely wonderful. I spent the week at home with my family, celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday. For her birthday, I gave her a bracelet engraved with the words from one of our favorite books, Love You Forever.loveyouforeverbracelet.jpg Being home was such a nice break from the business of the semester. Now, I’m back and ready to finish strong! Between writing an industry analysis paper for Business Entrepreneurship, and staying on top of my Accounting homework…I had my hands full this week!
One of my friends, Kelly, went to Guatemala over Spring Break. After hearing her stores and seeing her pictures, it’s all I can do to keep from hopping on a plane and heading there! She actually went on a mission trip and spent several hours each day working on building a hospital for citizens in Santiago Atitlan. While they were in Guatemala, her mission team visited an Occupational Therapy/Phisical Therapy clinic. Since the Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree program requires students to complete a semester of fieldwork prior to graduation, I’m looking into spending some time working in that clinic! What a wonderful opportunity that would be.
As I plan my classes for my senior year, it’s hard to believe that I am SO close to graduation! Just 26 more hours, and I’ll be done with my undergraduate work. I’m definitely ready to graduate, but I’m not ready to leave Belmont! Hopefully I will be accepted into the OTD program here, and will get to stay for at least three more years. 🙂

Spring Break and the last 8 weeks

Wow! I can’t believe it! Eight more weeks left and I’m graduating! I can’t say that I’m not ready to go though! With the job market the way it is, it’s a little scary right now to be a senior, but I feel very confident that the right opportunity will open itself up. In the mean time, however, I’ve been sending out resumes and making as many contacts as I can to make that opportunity present itself!
Thankfully, however, last week was spring break and I was very grateful to have a break from my busy life lately! My roommate/sister, my boyfriend, and I went down to Florida to go to Disney World. We were only there for one day, though, because we did a “Give a day, Get a day” pass. If you’re not familiar with this program, Disney is providing anyone who volunteers for a day with a free pass to any park. We decided to work at the Second Harvest Food Bank here in town. We spent three hours sorting and packaging food–and I must say, we had a blast doing it!
Here’s to the last eight weeks!

Chorale Trip

This past weekend was amazing because I got to go on the annual Chorale trip. This year we went to Atlanta, GA for our tour. This is an opportunity for one of Belmont’s premiere choirs to travel to churches, schools, and other venues to sing to others and to represent Belmont along with the great things that are happening here. This trip was a blast and will be truly unforgetable!
The trip started off on Saturday at 8 in the morning as we loaded the buses to depart for Atlanta. It was about aDSCF0080.JPG
four and a half hour drive, but it was a lot of fun watching movies on the bus and hanging out with people I don’t see very frequently outside of chorale. I strengthed many friendships on this trip and started new ones. For instance, I didn’t realize until the trip that one of the tenor’s lives right around the corner from me back in St. Louis. It is such a small world!
Anyway, we stopped at the mall in Atlanta. Many of the girls went shopping while the guys in the choir tended to tag along with them. Later Saturday night, we went to Medival Times, which is a dinner and show that takes place in a castle. Now I have been to Medival Times three times before with my high school band, but it is always fun getting to eat food with your hands and cheering on your knight as they try to win the competition.
Saturday was our free day because the rest of the trip was spent singing in various locations. We went to several churches where we would sing for the service and for their youth choirs. We also went to several high schools and sang for them. It was amazing seeing the reaction on their faces as when sang, they were truly inspired and it was a blessing to sing for them.
But the highlight of the trip was that we helped premiere a brand new hymnal. This event was amazing becauseDSCF0085.JPG
they had been working on this hymnal for more than twenty years, so the event had people from all across the country. Although we were only one of many choirs at the event, it was amazing being in the church, hearing the hundreds of people sing sing the selected hymns.
This trip was truly amazing! Next year, chorale gets to travel internationally. I am really excited about this.

To Make a Journal

So, I am the Co-Fiction Editor this year for the 2009-10 Belmont Literary Journal and I’m so excited. Last year, I had the privilege of having 3 of my submissions in the journal (which you can view here), and this year I get to be on the other side and help decide what’s going inside the journal. It is really neat to see all that goes on with the organizational side of the journal. There’s paper and fonts to be chosen, and covers, and not to mention the poetry, prose, and artwork that will grace the inside of the journal. It’s all a pretty extensive process, and we’re about halfway done with everything. I’m really excited, there’s some great writing in this years collection. It’s just too bad that we can’t put everything awesome inside of it due to page limits.

Hometown Adventures

With the sun finally coming out and the cold (hopefully) leaving us, we’re all getting pretty excited about the nice weather! In fact, with the weather cheering up, I decided that it was time for some exploring around Nashville! I’ve lived here for four years and I still feel like there’s always something new and exciting about this city!
First stop: my favorite local Mexican food fix, Baja Burrito! I’ve been here so many times (this is the first place I saw Jon Foreman *sigh*), but it never gets old. Burritos on the patio is the way to go on a sunny Nashville day!
Next: We visited downtown! Broadway is always busy and everyone seemed to have the same idea we did, but it didn’t make it any less fun! Between the guitar shops and the candy shops, not to mention the riverfront, it was definitely a worth while visit!
Next: Sometimes the local art museum, the Frist, has free event days… and of course we attended! It was great and we saw a lot of Ancient Greek artifacts, European paintings from the Romantic period, and even some very modern light sculptures. This was great!
Last: After a long day site seeing and soaking up the rays, we decided to end the day with some tasty s’mores. 🙂


Last Thursday I went to the Eric Church concert. It was my first time ever going to Wildhorse Saloon, and I was thoroughly impressed. medium_eric-church-clutch.jpg Before the concert, I only knew one of Eric’s songs (“Love Your Love the Most”), but my friend Cassie assured me that I would have a great time. And…she was right! There were actually three singer/songwriters who performed before him, and they were really entertaining as well.
Since Thursday was such a late night, I was relieved that my Friday 9 am class was cancelled. However, my friend Kelly and I ended up going to Chik-fil-a that morning (she had never had breakfast there before) so I was still up well before 9. Over the weekend I spent time with friends and caught up on homework. It was a busy weekend, but in a good way. Several of my friends live off campus now, so we have to be more intentional about finding time to hangout on a regular basis.
This week shouldn’t be too terribly stressful, but I’m sure it’s going to go by slowly because Spring Break starts on Friday! I can’t wait to spend some time at home with my family and celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. It doesn’t feel like the semester should be halfway over yet, but I guess it is! Hopefully it will be downhill from here…so far Accounting has proved to be quite a challenge for me, but I’m still determined to make an A!