I Live for Weekends

These past couple of weeks have let me know that Senioritis is in full stride. It’s not that I’m skipping class or homework (I’m doing a research paper on Black Catholics right now), it’s just that I find few of my classes interest or stimulate me in any challenging way right now. However, hanging out on weekends has been quite fun for me. This past weekend I went to Louisville with two of my housemates. We visited some really cool places, mainly the Blue Dog Artisan Bakery (recently featured in Southern Living) and got a lesson on scouring baguettes. They have amazing food and bread at Blue Dog and I’m so glad to have visited. We also stopped by Carmichaels Bookstore (Recently voted the #1 bookstore in America by Publisher’s Weekly) and I picked up a book by Thich Nhat Hanh. Finally, my friends and I started a new website imtooliberal.com, that’s kind a satire on a fictional character who is pieced together from pieces of ourselves and others we’ve come in contact with. It’s meant to be funny, so don’t take it too seriously.
This weekend is really awesome as well. I’ve been to the Scarritt Bennett Center, right down the street from Belmont, for a wonderful presentation on the Washingtons of Wessyington Plantation by John Baker. Mr. Baker began at the age of 13 researching into his family’s history and discovered how his family tree goes back to slavery and a lot of interesting information about the history of his family. A few of my friends and I also attended a party for my friend Devon who is having her senior music recital on Sunday. I love Devon’s music and voice, and she and some more of my friends are in a group, Mosaic, that is currently working on their worship album which I’m very excited about. In all, this weekend is going to be really fun, and I’m thankful that I have all this greatness to attend to in my last semester. But I still won’t forget my books!